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Heinrich is an associate editor for RestorePrivacy and veteran expert in the digital privacy field. He was born in a small town in the Midwest (USA) before setting sail for offshore destinations. Although he long chafed at the global loss of online privacy, after Edward Snowden’s revelations in 2013, Heinrich realized it was time to join the good fight for digital privacy rights. Heinrich enjoys traveling the world, while also keeping his location and digital tracks covered.

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  1. adriana

    Do you get a dedicated location/IP with the standard plan or do you need to add the extra for it?

  2. foxesden

    I had a trial of Surfshark and it absolutely didn’t work with Amazon Prime

  3. PanamaCobra

    Surfshark no longer works for Iplayer. The main vpn never did work. The browser add-on used to work sort-of but now doesn’t work at all.

  4. Kevin Harrigan

    FYI, my VPN, Cyberghost, is coming up for renewal in a few weeks and as I use it mainly for the BBC iPlayer, I am just checking the state of the market with my very specific requirement.
    Cyberghost can be dodgey with Iplayer, they don’t seem to regard it as crucial for their offering, however for the past year the service has been pretty consistent. Given this, I am disinclined to go elsewhere however given inflation and my diminishing budget I am looking for something cheaper.

  5. That Guy

    This section needs an update. A few weeks ago I tried downloading something and the app required my licence details or something like that. That pretty much ends the hopes of any non-UK citizen being able to use the BBC iPlayer app, doesn’t it?

    • Sven Taylor

      No all you need to do is say you have a license and then provide a UK zip code.

      • That Guy

        Hi Sven. Just tried downloading a programme. It wouldn’t download because “DRM licence failed”.

        I had ticked the option that I had a licence and watch now, which got to me the stage of downloading the programme. I haven’t tried yet to view other programmes that I’ve downloaded.

        My account has a postcode but VPN locations can change by the provider, as in certain servers may be removed.

        More information would be appreciated on how to circumvent this block.

  6. Jayson Richardson

    Surfshark had been working well with the BBC Iplayer but has stopped allowing me to view or download in the past few days

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